You should consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.  There are many innocent people who feel that if they talk to the police, their problems will be solved.  Unfortunately, this may, or may not be the result.  There is almost never a situation where you should talk to police without an attorney.  A criminal defense attorney has one purpose in life: to protect your rights, and make the District Attorney prove their case. If they cannot prove their case, then you deserve to be completely absolved and found not guilty.  It’s that simple. I know the legal system inside and out.  My career started with the District Attorney’s Office where my job was to prosecute criminals.  I made a mistake at one point in my career and it caused me great pain and anguish that devastated my life.  I was actually charged, convicted, and did time for a careless mistake.  When I came out, I worked to regain the public’s trust and confidence, started legal clinics to help the less fortunate, and ultimately won the battle to have my Bar license reinstated so that I can help protect people like you and me who have either made a mistake or who are innocent and want to get on with their lives.

“When it comes to understanding what you are going through, and knowing how to fix the problem, there is probably no one better than Bryan R. Kazarian.  He’s been there, and done it.”

Thomas M. Willford – Attorney at Law


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